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Finesse2Tymes wydaje wideo do kawałka zatytułowanego „Finesse Duh P”.

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Tekst: Finesse2Tymes
Tytuł: Finesse Duh P
Label/kanał: Finesse2tymes

Finesse2Tymes – Finesse Duh P lyrics, tekst piosenki, tekstowo, genius


Ayy, I was tryna get Junior to come in the motherfu **in’ booth and spit some P, you know what that nigga told me?
That nigga told me he might go fed
XO think he all that


Okay, if you don’t give a fu **, then I don’t give a fu ** neither (I don’t give a fu ** neither)
Talkin’ ’bout leaving me for dead, fu ** you, bi ***, I don’t need you (Fuck you, bi ***, I don’t need you)
All the game I invested, all the vacations and spots
I’d rather fu ** with somebody who wanna see me on top (Fuck that)
I told you when I met you how it was and how I get down (How I get down)
Neglect you on the road, but fu ** you good when I be in town (When I’m in town)
Quit playin’ innocent ’cause, bi ***, I heard ’bout how you gеt ’round (I heard)
And tell your nosey brokе-ass friends I said sit down (Said sit down)
I don’t owe no explanation, dedicated to this hustlin’ sh ** (I’m faithful)
Kissin’, huggin’, lovey-dovey, miss me with that su **er sh ** (Chill out)
Holdin’ hands in the sand, miss me with that cuffin’ sh ** (Uh-uh)
These bi ***es can’t do nothin’ for me but cook, clean, and su ** a d ** k (That’s all)
Celibate before I pay a bi *** and I don’t babysit (Nah)
Break a bi *** and build her back up, I know how to make a bi ***
I treat all my hoes the same, ain’t got no favorite (Favorites)
Don’t call me Ricky, bi ***, you don’t know me, call me my alias
Finesse the P
I do the finessing, fu ** it look like you finessing me?
Put that ho in check she disrespect, don’t never question P
Say that sh ** two times, say that sh ** two times
Never question P
Say that sh ** two times, say that sh ** two times
Revoke the bi *** ’cause she ain’t pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down
Might demote the bi ***, until you make a hundred, don’t come ’round (Don’t come ’round)
Had to coach her like, „Run me the sack, but don’t step out of bounds” (Don’t do that)
You wanna be with me, but bi ***, I need you out of town
On the road doin’ shows (Yeah, yeah), I got 'bows need to be sold (Sold)
Pourin’ fours, blowin’ O’s (’Za), bad bi ***es doin’ my toes (Toes)
Grippin’ grain (Grain), slammin’ doors (Doors), make a bi *** put on my clothes (Yeah)
Wanna kill me ’bout a bi *** (Bitch), but nigga, she the one that chose
Ayy, she the one that chose me (Hold up), she the one that chose me (She chose me)
Run off with my money, when I catch you, bi ***, you owe me (You owe me)
Address the bi ***
Told me that I make her pu ** y wet with that aggressive sh ** (I’m gangster)
And I might not be perfect, but I’m definite
Excellent (Excellent, Finesse)

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