OhGeesy – GEEKALEEK feat. Cash Kidd [download mp3 tekst]

OhGeesy przedstawia swoje nowe wideo do nowego kawałka „GEEKALEEK”. Gościnnie na kawałku Cash Kidd. Numer został wrzucony na kanał YT o nazwie OHGEESY.

OhGeesy prezentuje nowy teledysk do kawałka zatytułowanego „GEEKALEEK”.



Tekst: OhGeesy, Cash Kidd
Label/kanał: OHGEESY

OhGeesy – GEEKALEEK feat. Cash Kidd lyrics, tekst piosenki, tekstowo, genius

Verse 1: OhGeesy

You ain’t never had the feds investigate you
You ain’t never had the bad hoes wanna date you
You a bad bi ***, daddy gotta to spank you
My n***a fresh out the pen he might shank you
Extendo, I don’t rock with no stock clips
If you chillin’ with the opps you gettin’ shot with
Bad hoes love a n***a out in Stockton
They let my shorty in the party with a Glock-10
Pop in, yeah bi *** I’m so poppin’
I got pounds, I got keys, is you shoppin’?
I sip lean, not no green, ain’t no


I’ma fu ** your life up ’cause I’m toxic
Want her, fu ** her, hit her, duck her
Catch up lil n***a, with mustard
What up bi ***? Geesy fu **in’ up the summer
Sad hoes looking like what a bummer
She wanna su ** my d ** k cause I’m funner’
N***a’s lame all he wanna do is love her
Bust her, we be fu **in’ under covers, but we ain’t never fu ** with a undercover
Feds watch, lil n***a yeah the feds listenin’
I just popped a perc 20 now my head spinnin’
You ain’t never touched no money you ain’t bread winnin’
I don’t even wanna fu ** I’m just head gettin’, ay

Transition: Cash Kidd

What up my n***a Geesy?

Verse 2: Cash Kidd

Ay, your bi *** the bread winner
Broke ass bum, better cool it down like September
I feel like Melly, I ride around with dead n***as
Naw, I feel like Michael Jackson how my hand glistenin’
Bitch wan’ try su ** no d ** k I’m on a next mission
If we got the right to bare arms, then I’m Ted n***a
Diamonds two step, say that’s a cool necklace
What a


, dirty shoes all on my new


Feel like Hugh Heffner, difference is bi *** can’t stay here
He got hit with that Drac’ hope he take care
My dawg still sellin’ tight white but not the Hanes pair
I don’t want no smoke with these n***as cause I don’t play fair
Ay, n***a cappin’ like he steppin’
Got attachments like I’m pressure, fill his chest up like a treasure
My bi *** milking to the sun come up she ain’t apparent
Bugs Bunny, you gon’ say „What’s up doc?”, reach for these Karats n***a
I just bought another chop’ I don’t play those games
Just so I can leave a n***a like Taylor Gang
Good bread off this sauce like Raising Cane’s
I got neck on the spot, I ain’t catch her name
You think you can fu ** with me, bet your life on it
Hit a bi *** and I ain’t care, I’m not a white woman
Big Cuban ice on it, n***a come and try sumn’
He took a hundred from the K, bi *** that’s 900, ay

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